Hidden Feature in AdWords’ “My Change History” – Timesaver!

by John A. Lee

If you advertise in Google AdWords, there’s a good chance you’ve used the “Change History” tool. Change History allows you to review all account changes in a quick, orderly fashion. Not only can you choose a specific time period, but you can slice and dice the records by account manager as well change type (was it an ad text or settings change?). With the option to see your change history in a performance-related time line, you can see how these alterations affected your performance . In other words, it’s an extremely valuable resource for managing AdWords. For those of you new to Change History, it is located under the “Reports” tab in AdWords:

I’ve been using Change History for years, but I was shocked (and pleased) with a recent discovery. Underneath the date rage is a section labeled, “Affecting level.” My instincts tell me to look for a pull-down menu to choose campaigns or ad groups. Instead, it is just a box that says “All changes.” Turns out, all you have to do is type the first few letters of the desired campaign or ad group in this box and AdWords will search the content of your account and display a list based on what you type.

In the example above, I typed “c” and was shown a list of campaign names containing “c”. Once you choose a campaign, a new box appears where you can drill down into ad groups. Easy enough! In the grander scheme of PPC this is but a small tip. But my experience has taught me that anything you can do to make your account management or analysis faster or more efficient is a very good thing, indeed.

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