Quora Pixel Integration in Google Tag Manager

Do we like it when the process of getting started on a new channel is made a lot easier? Yes. Yes we do. And that is exactly what happened for Quora advertisers this week. Quora just announced the launch of a native integration with Google Tag Manager. Getting the pixel on your website and landing pages just got easier. I’m going to show you the step by step process on the new way we can install the Quora pixel to all pages on your site.

Log Into Your Quora Ads Manager Account to Get the Pixel

After you are logged into the Quora Ads platform, click on the Pixels & Conversions link with the top navigation of the page.


Quora GTM Pixel


On this page, you will see the instructions and button on how to configure and set up the Quora Pixel.


configure quora pixel


After you click on the “Setup Pixel” button, you will have two options. The first option will be to set up the tag manually. This is the original option advertisers have been using to set up the pixel. While this option still works just fine, we want the shiny new option. Click on the selection option of “Install with a Partner.”


install pixel


Once you are on the Partner page, you will see a field with your Quora Pixel ID. If you hover your mouse your Pixel ID, you’ll see a blue button appear giving you the option to “Copy Code to Clipboard.” Click on the blue button to copy your Pixel ID.


install with a quora partner


Open Up Your Google Tag Manager Workspace

When logged into Google Tag Manager, start creating a new tag. Name your tag whatever you want. The choose your tag type. The majority of tag types in Google Tag Manager are in alphabetical order. You will just need to scroll down a little until you see the Quora Pixel tag type. Select that option.


choose quora tag


Assuming you still have your Pixel ID copied from the clipboard in Quora, you can paste the pixel code in the “Quora Pixel ID” field in the Quora Tag Configuration page.


final quora pixel gtm


Next, make sure you select your trigger. Personally, I set the pixel up on All Pages to make sure I capture every visit whether it’s a regular visit or a confirmation page after a goal completion. This option will allow me to create audiences to use for both remarketing and exclusions depending on what the goals of my campaign are.

Make Sure to Publish Your Tag

Once the version of your tag is published (you have the option to see if the Quora Pixel fired properly when using Preview Mode in Google Tag Manager), you can start creating audiences within the platform. If you’re new to Quora Ads, you can get the Quora Pixel, set it up with Google Tag Manager, and start creating audiences without ever having to give them your credit card information. You can easily collect proof that your current users are actively on the Quora platform. Get the pixel set up using the new Google Tag Manager method and start reaching a highly relevant audience.