Recent LinkedIn Updates You May Have Missed

If you’re like me, you blinked and it’s late July! If you haven’t had much time to keep up with updates and trends in LinkedIn this summer, do not fear.

Let’s run through some quick updates that will make your next LinkedIn campaign even better than before!

1. Ability to Edit Lead Gen Forms

This is one of the most exciting updates of the summer!

Previously, LinkedIn lead gen forms could not be edited (except for the name of the form). This meant that if you made any mistake along the way or needed to make an update, you had to create a new form.

You can now edit forms that are attached to a campaign and are inactive. So if you make a mistake early on in the form creation process, you can edit your form before you associate it with ads.

You can do edit forms by going to the Account Assets dropdown. Select Lead Gen Forms.

Find your form either through a form name search or a form status search. In the far right column, you’ll find a 3 dot button. Click this to reveal the “Edit” option.

Make the adjustments to your form and save. Now you can associate this form with ads without having to create a new form!

For more on managing saved lead gen forms, check out this LinkedIn help article.

2. Lookalike Audiences Released to the Public!

This is a feature that the Clix team has been looking forward to for a long time!

Facebook’s lookalike audiences are one of our favorite features.

In LinkedIn, you can create lookalikes off of your Matched Audiences, which are website audiences, account lists or contact lists.

Once you identify your list, the system evaluates user-profiles and company attributes to determine a similar-looking audience.

To get started, you’ll need a Matched Audience with at least 300 match LinkedIn users. If you’ve uploaded a list and it’s still processing, you won’t be able to create a lookalike until it has finished.

Head to the Account Assets dropdown and select Account Assets.

Find the audience for which you want to create the lookalike.

Select the 3-dot button on the right and select Create Lookalike.

It is recommended to layer in additional targeting information, such as Job Function, Job Title or Seniority on top of the lookalike audience for additional specificity.

Things to Note about LinkedIn Lookalikes:

There are a few differences between LinkedIn’s lookalike options and other channels.

  • The lookalike list can be up to 15 times larger than your original audience but there isn’t a way to select the size of the audience (at the time of publication).
  • This list will only match with active LinkedIn users.
  • LinkedIn says that sensitive demographic information such as age and sex is not used in lookalike audiences.

More information about this feature is available here.

3. Attribution Models for Conversions

Just announced last week, you can now select how conversions are credited across multiple campaigns.

The attribution model can now be set to each campaign or a single campaign.

According to LinkedIn, “each campaign” means that “For a conversion action associated with multiple campaigns, every campaign that has had an interaction in the conversion window will get credited with a conversion.”

“Single campaign” means “For a conversion action associated with a campaign, the most recent campaign that has had an ad interaction in the conversion window will get credited with a conversion.”

This could be a useful update for advertisers utilizing multiple campaigns for the same lists or audiences.

4. Duplicate Video Ads

You can now duplicate video ads in the same way you duplicate other ads.

Once you have navigated to the campaign and ads you want to duplicate, click the 3-dot dropdown to select “Duplicate”.

Name the new ad, make any adjustments and save.

Voila! You have a new video ad!

In conclusion, this summer brought some great updates from LinkedIn and we’re looking forward to seeing what the fall will bring!

Which LinkedIn update are you the most excited about? Have you tested any of these out? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!