Review of Star Wars – Just Kidding, It’s A Review for the AdWords iOS App

Last week Google tweeted a link for a form to apply to be a part of the beta test for their AdWords iOS App, and the first round of invites were sent out on Monday night.adowrds ios app

My fellow Clixies and I got the invite and so far I’m happy to report that the app is pretty nice.

The Pro’s

So far the AdWords iOS app is good for:

  • Viewing and applying (or dismissing) suggested opportunities.
  • Reviewing account notifications.
  • A quick way to see campaign costs and change budgets.
  • Pausing or enabling campaigns, keywords, and ads already in the account.
  • Viewing top level stats over time including click type, network and device, as well as each stat by device type.

I also like the “Recently Viewed” option that (sometimes) appears and takes you back to the last campaign or ad group that you viewed.

The Con’s

It can’t all be good news, right? The app is not good for:

  • Adding new Campaigns, Ad Groups or Keywords. (I get it, that is probably a whole other level of programming.)
  • Viewing or changing Campaign settings or targeting.
  • And the big con is that we aren’t able to see total Conversion Value….!

To request access to the beta, jump on over to

If you have tried it out, what do you think? What improvements will you request?