Target Google Search Partners with AdWords Campaigns

Many AdWords advertisers have been wishing that Google would provide a way to target only Google’s search partner networks (like and AOL Search), so that they can gauge the relative perfromance of Google and its partners.

Turns out there may be a way to do that now. Here’s how: The Site Exclusion Tool allows you to specify sites where you don’t want your Content ads to appear. Though the AdWords Help and the on-screen prompts imply this will only work for Content campaigns, the tool allows you to specify Search campaigns.

So, for example, if you want to test a campaign displaying ads only on the search partner networks and not on Google’s search network, exclude the site

We’ll be testing and reporting back – stay tuned, and let us know what you find if you test.

Update: Google says this is a user interface glitch, and it’s really not possible for a Search campaign to opt out of or any of the other partner networks. Still, we’ll test and report back.