The Big List: 50+ PPC Blogs You Should Be Reading

In May 2016, we published a handy list of 30+ PPC blogs that publish great content about the digital marketing industry. Since then, there have been many changes in digital marketing.

Since blogs are the “newspaper” of our industry, we wanted to provide an updated resource for a myriad of blogs that you can go to for all things PPC.

The Industry Publications

These blogs are go-tos for all things digital marketing. They report regularly on changes and updates. You have probably heard of these before, but we wanted to include them, as they are often where we go for non-biased updates on PPC.

  1. Search Engine Land
  2. Marketing Land
  3. Search Engine Watch
  4. Search Engine Journal
  5. The SEM Post
  6. MarTech Today

The Tools

These blogs are extra useful for insights into their tools. Additionally, they have access to lots of data, which allows them to have some unique posts when changes happen or when there are new trends on the horizon. We also love that these blogs host some pretty awesome guest posters too.

7. Supermetrics
8. AdStage
9. AdAlysis
10. Spyfu
11. Google Analytics
12. Unbounce
13. SEMRush
14. Optmyzr
15. Acquisio
16. Kenshoo
17. Marin
18. Wordstream
19. KISSMetrics
20. Boost Media
21. NinjaCat
22. AdEspresso
23. Hubspot
24. Marketo

The Advertising Platforms

These blogs are the holy grail of updates, changes, and announcements. Bookmark these so that you never miss out.

25. AdWords
26. Bing Ads
27. Facebook Business News
28. Instagram Business Blog
29. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog (US)
30. Pinterest Business Blog
31. Quora for Business
32. Twitter Marketing Blog
33. Yahoo Advertising

The Experts

The blogs below are a mixture of agencies and consultants across the PPC industry, but also include sites that have a specific focus such as analytics or eCommerce. These blogs are in no particular order and are solid sources for useful trends, thoughts, and strategies. (We may have forgotten some of our favorites because there are a lot out there that we love!)

34. Beyond the Paid
35. 3Q Digital
36. Point It
37. Zato
38. Portent
39. Neptune Moon
40. PPC Hero
41. WhiteShark Media
42. Granular
43. Susan Wenograd
44. LunaMetrics
45. Seer Interactive
46. Marketing Profs
47. CPC Strategy
48. Jon Loomer
49. Analytics Pros
50. Elite SEM
51. Social Media Examiner
52. Practical eCommerce
53. Social Media Explorer
54. Simo Ahava
55. Search Engine People
56. Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
7. MobileMonkey


This is a bonus list of some of our favorite podcasts that are marketing and PPC focused. We love podcasts because they’re an additional way to learn about marketing and hear from our friends across the industry.

1. The PPC Show by AdStage
2. Edge of the Web Radio
3. Perpetual Traffic
4. Marketing Smarts Podcast
5. PPC Rockstars
6. Jumpstart by Jeffalytics

We hope this list helps you expand your knowledge about all things PPC!

What are your favorite blogs and podcasts for PPC and digital marketing? Please leave us comments so we can add to our list!