The BIG List: PPC Landing Page Guides & Resources


In PPC, so much focus goes into the front end of channel selection, campaign creation/targeting, keywords, ad messages, etc.

Often, the landing page and its performance are often neglected. Sometimes the client doesn’t see the value. Sometimes they are too small to have the resources to invest in landing page creation. Other times, landing pages suddenly come under scrutiny if performance goals aren’t being met.

Regardless, landing pages can make or break any PPC account and deserve your time and attention. To help you along the way, here are some fabulous resources for you, your client and creative teams.

PPC Landing Page Best Practices and Guides

Here are several landing page best practice guides for you to review based on the ones I found to be the most comprehensive and helpful.

Landing Page Guides

The Ultimate Guide to PPC Landing Pages from Unbounce

Beginner’s Guide to Landing Pages from Neil Patel

Optimize PPC Landing Pages for Conversions [How-To Guide] from Spiralytics

The Most Entertaining Guide to Landing Page Optimization You’ll Ever Read from Unbounce

Landing Page Best Practices

Landing Page Best Practices: Not the Best Until You Test from Hanapin Marketing

PPC Landing Page Best Practices from Instapage

The 11 Best Landing Page Optimization Best Practices (2019) by YokelLocal

Landing Page Tips

6 Tips to Improve Your PPC Landing Page Experience (& Quality Score) via Search Engine Journal

8 Dos & Don’ts for Your PPC Landing Page via Search Engine Journal

Our 10 Best Landing Page Tips & Tricks Ever from Wordstream

Landing Page Examples

42 Best Landing Page Examples for Lead Generation in 2019 [Updated]  by iMPACT

15 PPC Landing Page Examples & Best Practices You’ll Want to Steal by VentureHarbour

6 Examples of Ads & Landing Pages That Have Perfected Post-Click Optimization from Acquisio

Optimizing for Conversions

Optimize PPC Landing Pages for Conversions [How-To Guide] from Spiralytics

Landing Page Optimization: How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for More Conversions from WordStream

Landing Page Best Practices: 25 Actionable Ways to Boost Conversions in 2019 by moosend

Landing Page Reporting Tools

Landing Page Grader from WordStream

How To Maximize The Google Analytics Landing Page Report by Jeffalytics

Landing Page Speed Testers

Landing page speed impacts your results. If you’re bounce rates are high, then load time might be one of the reasons why. Load time also impacts quality score and that will just hurt your bottom line even more.

This post from Geekflare analyses 10 different website load tools. With these, you can test your entire site or a specific landing page

The most obvious one missing is the Google Page Insights tool. It’s your standard “go to” tool that analyzes landing page speed and provides recommendations on what you can do to improve the load time.

Landing Page Creation Platforms

While there are numerous landing page platforms out there, below are links to some of the most popular and well-known platforms. I haven’t used them all to offer a full review but I found a review of the 8 different landing page platforms for you.






Landing Page Testing

In conclusion, you can build what you think is the best page, optimize it based on the tips above and launch it, but you’ll never know if it outperforms your control. Google Ads makes it easy for you with experiments. If you haven’t set up an experiment yet, learn more in How to Run Split Landing Page Tests with AdWords Campaign Experiments. We recommend you constantly test your landing pages to keep finding ways to improve them and increase your goal conversion metrics.

What are your “go to” landing page guides, tools or blog posts? Comment below to share!

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