The New Facebook Ads Interface

Facebook Ads has redesigned its interface to enhance the user experience for advertisers. The new features will roll out through the end of April and you will no longer be able to switch to the previous version of the interface starting May 1.

To make sure you are ready for this transition, let’s take a look at the updates coming to the new Facebook Ads interface.


The Campaign, Ad Set and Ad tabs that are nested horizontally in separate tabs in the current version of Ads Manager will move to the left of the table to a navigational sidebar.

Facebook Ads Navigation

When you click on Campaigns, Ad Sets, or Ads you will be able to see all results in one tab in the interface. You can also collapse this sidebar while working in your account.

If you check the box next to the campaign you want to work on, the navigational sidebar will show you the number of campaigns, ad sets, and ads you’ve selected. You can then edit, duplicate and review these parts of your account in a single tab rather than jumping between multiple tabs.

Nested View

Ads Manager lets you view results from the Campaign, Ad Set or Ad levels in a nested format. By opening or closing campaigns and ad sets, you can see results from all levels in one view without switching tabs.

Facebook Ads Interface

You can expand multiple campaigns at once, making it easier to review and compare performance.

Combined Search and Filter

You can now search and filter your campaign, ad sets, and ads from one place.

Facebook Ads Filter


You can combine multiple search terms and filters in order to narrow down your results. If you want to only search within a select group of campaigns, you can check the box next to the campaigns you want to limit your search to and then apply the filter.

If this is a search you’ll use multiple times, select Save from the search bar and name your filter to use later.

I’m sure there will be more additions to the new interface over time. For now, spend time getting comfortable in the new interface as it will be the only option starting in May.

Have you use the new Facebook Ads interface? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!