The Twitroll: Must-follow Tweeps for PPC Advertisers

Think you (or someone else) should be on this list by virtue of the fact that you/they mainly Tweet great info for PPC advertisers?? Tweet me! (But please don’t suggest people who mainly Tweet about their company/products, or Tweet about PPC “Get Rich Quick” schemes.)

@bgtheory – Brad Geddes

@PPCPROZ – Dan Perach

@askhowie – Howie Jacobson

@annatalerico – Anna Talerico

@chiefmartec – Scott Brinker

@AdWordsProSarah – AdWordsProSarah

@AdWordsHelper – AdWordsHelper

@ClickEquations – Craig Danuloff

@robert_brady – Robert Brady

@GavinTurley_PPC – Gavin Turley

@mediatwo – Michael Hubbard

@eloi_casali – Eloi Casali

@ppchero – PPC Hero

@andrew_goodman – Andrew Goodman

@Amelia_Dawson – Amelia Dawson

@Szetela – David Szetela

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