Today on PPC Rockstars: Drunken PPC Rockstars Roundtable


Last Wednesday during SES New York, we streamed a live second episode of the Drunken PPC Rockstars Roundtable. Fans of the series (all 3 of you) will recall that the last episode took place during the SMX West Webmasterradio Search Bash – where an attempt was made to position the Roundtable as entertainment for the party-goers.

Needless to say, we were not entertainment by any definition of the word – not just because a tiny fraction of the audience was actually interested in PPC, but also because the sound system was such that few audience members could actually understand a word we were saying.

So last week we adopted a different setting and tone: several PPC luminaries (and rising stars) goatherd round a table at Dave & Buster’s on Times Square, just after the Clix/aimClear SchmoozeFest party. This time it felt like an intimate gathering of friends, sharing a few (yes – just a few) drinks and gabbing about our favorite topic – all things Google AdWords and PPC advertising.

I will be live-Tweeting during the broadcast, which will start at 4 PM EDT today and go for at least an hour. Can’t wait? You can listen to or download the archived version here.

Thanks to my fellow Roundtablers from that night:

Richard Stokes – AdGooroo

Christian Wenzel – Pepperjam

Chana Hershberg

Michael Flores – Ardis Health

Matt Van Wagner – FindMeFaster

Akin Tosyali – Clix Marketing

WebmasterRadio producers extraordinaire Jorge Hermida and Jim Hedger

African drummer and drum vendor Hosea Ben Judah

And while I have your attention: want to win a free ticket to IM Spring Break this week, and help a worthy charity? Make a donation to Gilda’s Club and enter for a chance to join the Searchoratti on the beach in Florida.

Update: even if you don’t listen to the whole thing, you must hear this short excerpt featuring Grandmaster Matt Van Wagner jammin’ with Hosea Ben Judah. That Hosea and Matt in the photo above.

Catch Hosea featured on YouTube here, and at the tail end of this muisc video – Whine Up by Kat deLuna.