Twitter To Shut Down Lead Gen Campaigns & Ads

Twitter confirmed the deprecation of lead gen campaigns and lead gen cards via a post on last week. Here is a screenshot for quick reference:


We’ve got two different dates here:

  • February 1st – No more creating Lead Gen accounts via the API
  • March 1st – No more viewing Lead Gen Cards via the API

Is This The Beginning Of The End?

One possible argument is that this is simply some API cleanup and these features will continue to be available through the online interface. I would say that argument is wishful thinking.

More likely this is the end of lead generation campaigns and lead gen cards in the Twitter Ads interface. APIs have to stay current and need the lead time to ensure they’re current with the direction the interface design team is going. This is the more realistic view in my opinion.

Twitter has been struggling for years, due mainly to a lack of user growth. Getting Jack Dempsey back in the CEO chair was supposed to save the company, but when he kept his other job as the CEO of Square it showed a lack of commitment. Unfortunately it looks like another nail in the coffin for Twitter.