Uncommon Ways To Recharge Your PPC Skills

iphone-battery-deadI had a terrible experience today. I just finished up my morning tasks and was heading out with my wife to grab some lunch. We jump in the car and I turn the key.


The engine wouldn’t even pretend to try turning over. The battery was completely dead.

PPC Burnout

After working on an account/campaign for awhile I find myself beginning to burn out. Every new keyword I think of already has an entire ad group full of variations. My ideas for new ad text were tested 6 months ago and have been dethroned by newer, more effective ads 3 tests ago.

This is something that I’ve battled for years and I have yet to find the silver bullet. Some people will change jobs. Some will get new accounts assigned to them. Some take long vacations. While these can all work, I need my recharges to be a little more regular than these solutions allow.

Hearkening back to the story of my car, I knew that the battery was getting pretty low. At my last oil change they told me it was down to XX cold cranking amps (I don’t remember the exact number, but he told me it was low). I had noticed it laboring to turn over on occasion. However, I didn’t do anything about it and the price I had to pay was a dead battery. Bring out the jumper cables and warm up the check book because a new battery was the only way to fix the problem now.

To avoid hitting a full-on burnout, I suggest some uncommon ways to recharge your mind, motivation, and mojo.

Recharging Your PPC Battery


  • Read A Fiction Book – You read that correctly. FICTION. Maybe you’re into zombie thrillers like Jonathan Maberry writes. Maybe you like fantasy. Maybe you like post-apocalyptic young adult fiction a la Divergent. Just read something. Let your mind engulf itself in a new world and follow the ups and downs of the characters.
  • Go Outside – Take a walk. Go on a bike ride. Join a city league if you’re into team sports. Work out your physical body because it’s the power plant for your brain. Oh, and endorphins are pretty awesome feeling too!
  • Get Some Culture – Whether it’s opera, theater, cinema, symphonies, art, museums, or poetry, give your mind a dose of culture. Nearby universities often have performances that are quite affordable.
  • Pick Up A New Hobby – This will do 2 things. First, you’ll have to learn new skills. That alone is helpful. Secondly, you meet new people with different perspectives that can help you see things from different angles.

This list is just a start. I’d love to hear what you do to keep your PPC battery charged up. Sound off in the comments below or shout it out on Twitter. Just mention @ClixMarketing or @robert_brady