Update: Google AdWords Tools

We received clarification regarding yesterday’s post from Google this morning: global functions that are due to be removed from AdWords Tools can be performed in AdWords Editor. But they may be difficult to spot. Here’s help.

As shown in the screen shot below, when you highlight the Account name and select all elements in the right-hand pane (e.g. all Keywords), you’ll see one or more links at the bottom of the screen, which allow you to perform appropriate actions on the highlighted elements.

Other global functions are less explicitly available, but you can access them by highlighting a range of elements – e.g. Keywords, Text Ads or Campaigns. You’ll see (as in the second screen shot below) that fields at the bottom are labeled “<varies>”. Change any of these and the changes will proliferate to all selected items

Sorry for the undeserved shot across Google’s bow. AdWords Editor is an indispensable tool that is the “gold standard” for offline PPC campaign editors – I just wish the other engines would provide similar tools.