Updates Begin Rolling Out for Facebook’s Custom Audience Changes

Today marks the day that Facebook had originally announced as the date for removal of the Partner Categories from the interface. However, this date has been extended to August 15, per an email we recently received.

What Does This Mean for Advertisers?

It means that you can still create, edit and duplicate campaigns for non-EU Partner Categories until mid-August. Delivery for the Partner Categories will end officially on October 1.

There are other changes rolling out that Facebook advertisers should also be aware of.

New Custom Audiences Process Coming

Also rolling out today, the Custom Audience feature will now be a little different. Let’s jump into how this has changed.

  1. Terms Acceptance: You will need to accept the new terms of use for Custom Audiences.

2. Sharing Requirements: From now on, before an audience can be shared with an ad account owned by a different Business Manager, those accounts will need to set up an audience sharing relationship. This will need to be initiated by a Business Manager admin.

After August 15, you’ll need to make sure this relationship is in place, otherwise, audiences will be lost.

3. Data Origin Requirements: This is probably the biggest change. Advertisers will now be required to share the origin of the audience’s information with Facebook. So advertisers will need to share whether this is a list collected from their efforts or one that has been collected through a partner (or a combination).

As Facebook moves forward from Cambridge Analytica and GDPR, the goal is transparency. Facebook will now provide users with what information (cell phone number or email address) was used to reach them as well as the source of the information. This will be able to be accessed via the “Why am I seeing this module?” on an ad.

I’m interested to see how these changes are going to impact the success rates that advertisers have seen previously. My guess is that, initially, we might see a downturn in success in this channel due to the high visibility that GDPR and the Cambridge Analytica case had in the previous months. We will have to see what the lingering effects are in the months to come.

Here are a few other recent updates on Facebook:

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