Win the Game of Thrones with Advanced Twitter Ads – Tips from HeroConf London

games_of_thrones_memes_02At the end of October, Amy and I flew across the pond to speak at HeroConf in London.

I shared advanced Twitter advertising strategies and tips for finding and connecting with your audience including:

  • Game of Thrones is a brilliant filter to view the world through… I promise!
  • Helpful tools for managing and editing ad campaigns of any size.
  • Ideas for targeting a new audience based on behavior and events.
  • Creating custom, tailored audiences from known information.
  • Smart Twitter remarketing strategies.
  • Tips for ad copy and types of ads to use depending on campaign objective.
  • Up and coming features you don’t want to miss.

Whether you are promoting a few Tweets or running a large-scale campaign, check out my presentation and learn how to rock at Twitter Ads.

[slideshare id=54548534&doc=johnleeheroconflondontwitterads-151030005630-lva1-app6892]