Work & Play Q&A with Clix’s Robert Brady

Want to know how the Clix team works and plays? Keep reading.

We asked our team members three work questions and three play questions. February’s Q&A is with Robert Brady.


robert-bull-ridingWhat was your favorite vacation?

After college when I was still a single guy I purchased a JetBlue “All You Can Jet” pass. Basically, it allowed me to fly JetBlue as much as  I wanted for 30 days on one ticket price. I visited Florida, NYC (twice), Costa Rica (without speaking Spanish), Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis & San Francisco. Highlights included snorkeling in Florida, ziplining in the Costa Rican jungle, catching a Cubs game at Wrigley, all of historic Boston, and Alcatraz.

What would be your dream concert to attend?

Queen (fronted by Freddy Mercury) and AC/DC (original members) together. Words can’t describe how awesome that would be.

Do you collect anything?

I collect facts & trivia the way other people might collect baseball cards or stamps. I won my 5th and 7th grade geography bees and I’m a great teammate during trivia games. The more obscure, the better.


Robert-bioWhat advice would you give a recent college grad interested in digital advertising?

First, welcome to the land of opportunity. Things are changing all the time and the person who learns the fastest and does the best work wins. Second, get to work and learn fast because your college classes likely taught you very few of the actual skills you’ll need in the industry. Finally, networking is your friend. The industry is very giving, but also very competitive so connections are often the make-or-break on getting that new job/gig/client. And it’s a lot of fun too!

What is your proudest PPC moment?

A couple years ago I started working with a non-profit that had a Google Grants account (basically an AdWords account that a 501(c)3 can use to spend up to $10K/month on Google AdWords for free). They had been getting maybe $3K/month out of it, but in a few months we were maxing out the usage at the full $10K/month. We applied and got them into the Grantspro program where they got up to $40K/month from the program. It was a huge win for the non-profit.

If you had one wish in the PPC industry, what would you wish for?

I would wish for LinkedIn to catch up with the other platforms in regards to their interface and tracking. I love the potential and the audience, but the interface is terrible in so many ways and the absence of conversion tracking in the system is laughable from a publicly traded company with hundreds of millions of users.

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Robert Brady’s Official Bio

Senior Manager: Software, SMB, Strategy

Robert is a PPC wizard and conversion optimization extraordinaire. He has worked on PPC accounts of all sizes across many industries and has a soft spot for helping small businesses succeed with paid search. He hopes to expand that passion through his role at Clix Marketing.

Robert also loves to share his expertise with others by blogging regularly on PPC topics on the Clix Marketing blog, Search Engine People & his personal blog, Righteous Marketing. You’ll also find his posts on, PPC Hero, and the Trafficado blog among others. He is also an active participant in #PPCChat on Twitter.

Before Clix, Robert managed PPC for WriteExpress, was the PPC Manager at Vizad, the Director of PPC at Trafficado and the Founder of Righteous Marketing.

Recreationally, Robert loves playing ultimate frisbee & basketball, riding his mountain bike and downhill skiing. One day he hopes to beat Michelle Morehouse at golf, but nobody is holding their breath. He loves making new friends, so feel free to reach out on Twitter – @robert_brady

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