Yahoo! Holiday Advertising Webinar – Submit Questions

We received the following info and invitation from our Yahoo friends. They’re conducting a Holiday Advertising webinar on Wednesday, November 14, and they’d like Clix blog readers to submit questions you’d like to have answered. Post your questions as comments to this post – Yahoo will be monitoring them and will feed them to Pato Spagmoletto. Here’s their pith:

Patrizio Spagnoletto, Senior Director of Marketing at Yahoo! Search Marketing, is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, November 14, that I thought you and your readers may be into. It’s called “2007 Holiday Consumer Overview and Search Best Practices” and a ton of insight will be shared – from search best practices, to the impact of combining search and display, to 2006 holiday results/ consumer trends.

Here are a few interesting stats that will be reviewed in the webinar:

Users move between paid and algo listings

66%of clicks are from consumers clicking marketers’ listings multiple times.

37% of conversions come from consumers clicking more than one of marketer’s listings, natural or paid.

12.6% of conversions credited to natural search results were actually preceded by clicks on a marketer’s paid listings, more than twice as many as occur in converse scenario.

Campaigns managed holistically – where keywords used in sponsored search also rank well in algo – deliver superior performance

 39% lift in revenue.

31% lift in perception of campaign.

Some best practices tips for marketers:

Apply seasonal modifiers to keywords.

Plan ahead and use scheduling for short term promotions and include special messaging in title and descriptions.

Create robust gift guides to encourage cross shopping to different categories and drive traffic to that gift guide.

Here’s the page where people can sign up.