Yahoo Panama Updates Announced at SES San Jose

Yahoo announced some cool new features:

Enhancements to Writing Ads

  • Advertisers will be able to create, edit, copy, delete, and view all saved ads (up to 20) for an ad group and in one place. They can view the performance of their ads against one another with one click.
  • Additionally, advertisers will be able to view examples of ads using selected keywords. A best practices tip sheet will be available to view directly in the interface.
  • Lastly, once a new ad is created, advertisers will be prompted to create another one. Creating a second ad activates ad testing, which allows them to compare how ads in a specific ad group are performing against one another in order to help improve quality index score.

Low Quality Index Score Alert

  • YSM will let individual advertisers know when their quality index score is down. Every 30 days YSM will check quality index scores and, if it’s low (i.e., one bar), they’ll send advertisers a notice via email.


New Payment Option: PayPal

  • YSM advertisers will be able to pay by using PayPal, providing them with a secure, flexible online payment option. Advertisers can opt-in to PayPal from the Administration tab.