Yahoo! Rolls Out YSM Enhancements

Yahoo just made some nice changes to the YSM user interface:

Our latest enhancements aren’t going to make worldwide headlines, but they can help you do things like see at a glance which campaigns, ad groups and keywords are offline-and why. Here’s what you might notice the next time you log in:

• All names of objects (campaign, ad group, keyword, etc.) that are offline are displayed with red text for easy recognition.

• The “Top Campaigns” and “Watched Campaigns” tables on the Dashboard page now include a “Status” column to help you identify if and why any campaigns are offline.

• Minor updates to the “Campaigns” page have been made, including a new “Status” column, the ability to filter by “Status” when using the Advanced Search function, and replacing the “Campaign On/Off” button with individual “Pause” and “Unpause” buttons.

• We made minor tweaks to the Ads table on an Ad Group page, including adding a “Status” column, and replacing the “Campaign On/Off” button with individual “Pause” and “Unpause” buttons.

• New status settings have been added on the Search page, under the Campaigns tab.

• The addition of the “Status” column to the Ad Group, Ad and Keyword Search screens under the Campaigns tab.

• The ability to export (using the “Download” button) account information has been added to account-level Ad Group and Keyword pages, under the Campaigns tab.