Yahoo to Allow Site Exclusion

Starting within the next two weeks, advertisers on Yahoo! Search Marketing will have the option to block domains of sites where they don’t want Content ads to appear – the functional equivalent of Google AdWords’ Site Exclusion capability.

We’ve asked Yahoo whether they’ll be supplying a report showing the domains where ads are appearing – similar to the Placement Performance report Google supplies. We’ll post their answer; meanwhile, here’s Yahoo’s description of the Blocked Domains capability:

Blocked Domains
Yahoo! gives you more control over your campaigns by letting you specify partner websites or sections of a website that don’t meet your business needs and on which you don’t want your ads to appear.

As you know, with Sponsored Search your ads can appear in Yahoo! search results as well as search results throughout the Yahoo! distribution network. In addition, if you choose the Content Match option your ads can appear alongside content on Yahoo! or throughout the Yahoo! distribution network. Blocked Domains lets you specify sites on which you don’t want your ads to appear, whether they’re competitors of yours, or have products or content that you don’t want associated with your brand.

Blocked Domains lets you block up to 250 domains. These can be an entire domain, a subdomain, or up to two subdirectories per domain.

Update: Yahoo is looking to offer Content site reporting “…down the road.” They advise advertisers to review web logs and other site data.