2 More Audiences To Exclude From Your Next Facebook Campaign

A while back we wrote about 2 audiences to exclude from your next Facebook campaign. Excluding those folks from the start of your Facebook campaign can save money and time that is spent targeting folks who will never turn into a paying customer.

While attending Pubcon Austin I was listening to a presentation by Marty Weintraub of aimclear. In review, I pulled out a couple of great nuggets; two negative audiences for Facebook campaigns.

Here is what you need to know.

Exclude Facebook Cheapskates

Growing up our farm raised a lot of produce (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, etc.) and one of my jobs was to go to the weekly farmers’ market to sell the produce. One of my greatest frustrations were customers that scoffed at the price and asked for steep discounts. I usually didn’t capitulate and even if they ended up buying, they made it seem like they were getting fleeced. I worked hard growing, weeding and picking that produce and it drove me crazy.

If you’re advertising on Facebook you probably feel a similar pride for your product/service so I’ll save you some hassle. Just exclude those folks. Here’s how:

Add this as an excluded audience right below your usual targeting and say goodbye to cheapskates!

Exclude Cash Paying People

This is a great exclusionary audience for anyone that requires a credit card to complete an online purchase. That includes most of your e-commerce folks, software guys, etc. Check this out:

Facebook has access to tons of 3rd party data. Companies like Experian, Oracle, Datalogix, etc. anonymize their data and sell it to Facebook. Facebook matches that data with Facebook user profiles and “Voila!” You can now target people who primarily use cash because they don’t have a formal banking relationship.

And look at the size of that audience – 42 million people! If you exclude both of the audience above you’re likely to improve the quality of your audience, which can help improve CPA, ROAS, profit, etc. You know, the metrics that matter most. Go out and test it!

What audiences do you recommend excluding from Facebook campaigns? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!