3 Tips for Your Remarketing Offers

Yesterday on the weekly #ppcchat Twitter chat (you can join by following the hashtag on Twitter at noon Eastern time) a question was asked that got me thinking. Here is the question:

I got to thinking about my clients and what messaging each uses in remarketing efforts. You know they’ve been to your site. You may know what pages or content they’ve viewed. Some you’ll even know abandoned a shopping cart or made it part way through a conversion funnel. So how do you get those people back? It depends of course, but I found that most comments centered around these 3 principles.

1. Discounts

This is obviously the lowest hanging fruit out there. If they didn’t convert before, then sweeten the pot. I know lots of advertisers that are very successful with this approach. If you have the capability to offer such a discount and the audiences are defined such that you are limiting the exposure of the offer then this is a quick win.

However, there is a major concern with this approach. Namely, that you may train your customers to visit, leave, and then wait for a discount. Even your loyal customers that have no intention of buying somewhere else can begin doing this because everyone likes to get a deal. Consider yourself warned.

2. You Don’t Have A Unique Offer

More advertisers fall into this bucket than you’d think, especially lead gen advertisers where the conversion is getting the lead or not getting the lead. If you find yourself in this bucket, all is not lost. There are still some ideas that can help you leverage remarketing to your advantage:

  • Be More Direct – At a minimum you can use a call to action (CTA) that is more direct. They’ve already been to the site, so ask for the conversion right away. Prime the pump.
  • Try Another Landing Page – If you know they’ve been to Landing Page A, then send them to Landing Page B with a different look/feel or different content. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results.
  • Think Microconversion – I know that we started this by saying you don’t have another offer, but do you have a microconversion? Something as simple as signing up for your newsletter or subscribing to your blog. Virtually all businesses have some microconversion that captures value of a visitor.

3. Go Deeper

There are two main directions to go here. First you have the lead gen perspective from Melissa Mackey. I’ll let her tweet do the talking:

Then you have the ecomm perspective:

In both of these scenarios you see that remarketing offers take the user to the next level. Whether that’s engaging with content that is closer to lead capture/conversion or pushing a follow-up purchase or an accessory, you’re letting the customer know what the next step is. You already know they’ve taken certain steps. That’s how you created your audience in the first place. Now you help them take the next step.