4 New Twitter Features Over the Past Month

Twitter has had a pretty strong summer, no doubt. Between autoplay video, audience insights and the new app target strategies based upon categories of apps previously downloaded, among other expansions. Let’s not forget about their mobile app, which rolled out to both Android and iOs in early July. Twitter’s announcements have been fairly frequent and it’s safe to say, the past thirty days did not disappoint.

Event TargetingTwitter Events

Okay, to be fair, this was actually announced one month and one day ago – but it’s too cool not to include! On July 23, Twitter announced the rollout of event targeting. As a digital marketer, you may have initially assumed that ‘events’ referred to on-page actions and engagements. Not the case, my friend!

Twitter’s functionality allows you to target people that show interest in events in the literal (non-site-analytics) sense of the word. Twitter has an event calendar including major global events, as well as “tentpole events” related to sports, holidays, festivals, TV, music and politics, according to their blog.  You can explore events months in advance to plan your campaigns.

Ads Editor

Twitter rolled out the Ads Editor to make campaign management a little bit easier. The editor may not be exactly what you would expect, after using the AdWords or Bing Ads editors. For the sake of comparison, it’s more akin to the bulk upload function within either interface than to their editors. You can download an Excel file with your campaigns, make changes or add new campaigns, and then re-upload. If you have multiple changes to make across multiple campaigns, it can be a big time saver. To find out more about the Ads Editor, check out the Twitter Help section.

New Ways to Buy Mobile App Install Adsnew bidding types mobile apps

Earlier this month, Twitter rolled out two new objective-based bidding opportunities: optimized action bidding and cost per install bidding. These features allow advertisers to pay only for the actions that are aligned with their objectives. Cost per app click bidding has been around for a long time now, which allowed advertisers to bid on app clicks. Optimized action bidding and cost per install bidding both allow advertisers to bid on app installs.

Twitter Publisher Network Renamed, Objectives & Creative Formats Added

Just a few days ago, Twitter announced that the formerly known Twitter Publisher Network will be known as the Twitter Audience Platform moving forward: The Twitter Audience Platform now has the ability to drive two new objectives; advertisers can now extend Promoted Video and Tweet engagement campaigns to the Twitter Audience Platform. Along with these new targeting capabilities, Twitter has also announced new creative features.  Promoted tweets will be transformed into ad formats including video, native ads, banners and interstitials. Twitter also announced customizable CTA buttons (bring on the ad tests!). In addition, twitter users can retweet and favorite the tweets directly through the Twitter Audience Platform ad. To read more about these features, check out the announcement on their blog.