4 Unusual Sources for Keyword Research You Should Tap Into



Keyword research an essential part of a successful paid search campaign, but if you are using the same tools everyone else, you could be getting the same results. Go beyond Keyword Planner and paid tools with a few research tools that you may not have thought of. Below are a few of my favorite places for reaching beyond the typical keyword tools.


Twitter’s advanced search looks for phrases, accounts or hashtags in Tweets, and can even be narrowed down to geographic locations. Use Advanced Search to see what words customers use, what questions they are asking, and clues into their buying process. Buffer has several suggestions for using Advanced Search including monitoring sentiment by searching for (: or ): within Tweets.

Customer Reviews

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 5.12.42 PMDepending on your industry, there may be some very specific lingo or terms used to describe products or services. If you’re not intimately familiar with these niche industries, what better way to see what words customers use than looking at product or service reviews? Customer comments can be a goldmine of keywords, as well as a gauge of trends and new product ideas. Definitely give these a look.


This mecca of visual search is where people come to learn and, most importantly, get inspired to buy. Pinterest users are shopping minded, use detailed words to find what they need, and are a great source for long tail searches. The fine folks at Search Engine People have put together a helpful guide for using Pinterest as a keyword research tool.


Soolve is a search tool that grabs suggestions from over 25 search engines, including sources that you might not have thought of like Amazon, Yelp, and Answers.com. It also grabs results from sources that you wouldn’t consider to be search engines like the Weather Channel and Hulu. Use this tool to get suggested searches based on what people are actually searching for on each site’s channel.Soolve


What non-tool-keywords research tools do you like to use or would recommend to a friend? Share with us in the comments!