Olivia Pope’s Guide To Fixing PPC Issues

If you’re a Scandal fan, you’ve watched Olivia Pope work her magic; making molehills out of mountains.  While most of us will never advise the President Keep Calm & Call Olivia Pope(*insert sigh of relief here*), we can apply her skill set to the issues that sometimes arise within our PPC accounts.

Remain Calm, Confident

You’ve got this! Show confidence in your skills and in your team. Panic is contagious. What’s worse is that panic can never be fully cured. It may not always be apparent but it will flare up again in the future when stressors are present because the client’s sense of security has been compromised. Remaining calm shows that you have confidence in your (and your team’s) ability to correct the issue.

Inform the Team & Leverage Individual Strengths

Let your team know as soon as an issue arises. Olivia is quick to loop her team in on the background of each client and the crisis at hand.  Moreover, Olivia is well acquainted with each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as her own.  We never see Olivia trying to do a job fit for Huck. Huck is one-of-a-kind, or pretty dang close (thank goodness for that!). Remember, no man is an island.  If you try to hoard the problem to yourself, you run the risk of making it worse or dragging it out longer than necessary.

Trust Your Gut but Review The Data

Olivia seems to have a sixth sense for knowing who’s lying and who’s telling the truth when it comes to potential clients. Still, she does her research before she builds the solution.  Much the same, digital marketers often have an inclination as to what the issue might be. Trust your gut, the odds are strong that your prediction is spot on. Still, don’t take action until you’ve taken time to analyze the data. There’s at least one thing that you have that Olivia Pope (probably) doesn’t – Excel skills! Implementing a quick fix based upon a misdiagnosis runs the risk of compounding a bigger problem. Plus, you’re more likely to get buy in when presenting facts versus opinions.

Be Forthcoming & Transparent but Have a Plan 

As you uncover the root of the issue through analysis and account audits, be transparent with your team and your client about the findings. Equally as important, be prepared with next steps or at least options.  We never see Olivia Pope reveal a problem without a plan. She’s a “fixer”, remember? If nothing else, at least give your client options.  Having a plan makes everyone feel comfortable that a solution is in motion.

Next time your account hits a bump in the road, keep calm and call channel your inner Olivia Pope!

*No crises were created and no people were harmed in the making of this blog post. 😉