5 PPC Tools We are Thankful for This Year

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Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Clix, we are thankful for so many different tools and features that make our life easier and more productive every day. With the holiday season here, everyone is short on time. Here are the tools we are thankful for this year:

Google Adwords New Reports Tool

Google Adwords upgraded their reporting tool earlier this year. The new features include bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs. It creates a nice visual of your data easily without having to export it to excel. Additionally, you can create pivot tables and there are great filtering features. See why we think you should be using the new reports tool to manage your campaigns in Adwords.


Since you can’t do everything in the reports tab, we still use excel everyday. It is a powerful tool that always been used to manage PPC. However, with new features excel is becoming more powerful. Excel has made it easy to analyze data instantly and to create maps of your data.  Additionally, with the new 2016 version Microsoft is making sharing workbooks and work flow easier.

Adwords Scripts

Although scripts have been around for a few years, the industry has been talking more and more about them this year. Scripts are essential to unlocking data fast and in a customized format. They are powerful for productivity and analysis. However, you don’t have to be an expert in Java to utilize them. There are plenty of free resources. In case you missed it, check out Amy Bishop’s presentation from London Hero Conf. on the Introduction to Scripts.

Facebook Power Editor

Facebook has become a very popular channel over the past few years and power editor has made it drastically easier to build and scale those accounts efficiently. Power Editor helps to upload and create ad efficiently and control Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Check out our article on how Power Editor can help you manage your Facebook campaigns.

Call-Only Ads

Okay, so call-only ads aren’t really a tool but we are still thankful for this feature. Call-Only Ads can be powerful for certain clients depending on their business or industry. Additionally, it cuts out having to rely on mobile friendly landing pages. If you are just getting started with call-only ads, check out our article on call-only campaign reporting.

What are you thankful for this year? Share with us in the comments!

And again, Happy Thanksgiving!