AdWords Geotargeting Goes to College…and Airports

AdWords has always offered some really cool targeting options, whether that’s retargeting or income level targeting. However, there are a couple of new targeting options that you should know about.

Airport Targeting

Say you’re a company that targets travelers in general. Maybe you offer a great frequent flyer program or make the best luggage in the world. This would be a great option for you because these are people that you know are flying. And if you’ve been in an airport recently you know that everyone is sitting around on their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops.

Say you’re a restaurant or hotel that caters to travelers? A good portion of the people at the airport are coming to visit your area (keep in mind that some are only passing through and some are locals heading elsewhere). Here’s how you could target LAX:


As you can see, this is a very niche targeting method that reaches some very interesting demographics.


The higher ed industry is very competitive with so many colleges competing for new students & transfers. If you offer an advanced degree or want transfer students, this option allows you to reach out to people already on the campus of a university. If you know what programs are the best candidates for you, then this could be a coup.

Notice that most of your customers are college-attending students? Now you can advertise to them on their respective campus. Not a bad idea huh?

Say you’re a university wanting to reach more of your own students for athletic events or fundraising. AdWords just hooked you up. Below is how you would target UCLA’s campus:


As you can see, these two geotargeting options are great for ultra-specific campaigns. To get even better results, make sure that your ad copy is relevant to the location/situation of your searchers so they know that you’re more relevant than the competition, thus winning you the click.