Bing Ads Get A Ride Feature

While putting together a post on Google vs Bing Ads extensions, I came across a new feature available for Bing Ads extensions. You might remember that last summer a deal was made between Microsoft and Uber which gave Uber control over the mapping technology and image collection once associated with Bing Maps.

It may come as no surprise then, that Bing Ads now has a feature which combines location extensions with Uber’s transportation service. The feature is called “Get A Ride” and is an automatic annotation for iPhone users.

Get Ride Extension

In addition to showing your location with your ads, this feature offers iPhone users an easy way to call for a ride to your business from your ad. A customer can click the ride icon in your ad that launches the Uber app, and if they are logged in to their Uber account, the destination will be pre-populated with your address. With more than 8 million users in 400 cities (and counting), this can be a useful feature for businesses where bring users in-store is your main objective.

The Get a Ride feature for Location Extensions will be automatically included if you have location extensions or iPhone and requires no additional set-up. If you want to opt out of Get a Ride, you can contact your Account Manager or contact support.