Chrome Extensions Every PPC Pro Should Try: 2019 Edition

Back in 2017, I wrote the post 11 Google Chrome extensions that every PPC pro should try. I would guess that I have used one of those extensions every business day since then.

I love Chrome extensions because they’re an easy way to save time and automate some of the mundane or difficult tasks that make up our workdays. (And some extensions are just plain fun!)

Since 2017 there have been more and more awesome extensions added to the mix that are worth mentioning, so let’s hop in.

Twitter Pixel Helper

This pixel helper is a must-have when setting up a new Twitter tag on your website.

The extension also helps to ensure dynamic parameter values are passed properly and that the information is formatted correctly.

Right now, the extension is only available in English but should be rolling out in other languages soon.

You can see the instructions and frequently asked questions here.

Keywords Everywhere

This extension is one of our favorites for keyword research.

Not only does it suggest new keywords, but it also features Google keyword search volume, cost per click and competition data. You can easily download the data in Excel, CSV and PDF file formats.

When you use the add-on in Google, you’ll be able to see the data displayed beside the keywords in the search bar dropdown.

You’ll also be able to see “related keywords” and “people also search for” with supporting volume, cost and competition data in the sidebar.

This tool is currently supported for the following sites:

  • – Data shown under the search bar.
  • Google Search Console – Data shown on the Search Analytics page.
  • Google Analytics –  Data shown on the Search Engine Optimization > Queries page.
  • Google Trends – Data shown in the Queries widget.
  • Google Keyword Planner – Data shown in a new column.
  • Google Search – Data shown under the main keyword and related searches.
  • YouTube – Data shown under the searchbox.
  • Amazon – Data shown under the searchbox.
  • eBay – Data shown under the searchbox.
  • Etsy – Data shown under the searchbox.
  • UberSuggest – Data shown alongside keywords.
  • – Data shown in the popup on the spoke of the wheel and shown in the alphabetic listings.
  • – Data shown next to each keyword all over the page.
  • – Data shown under the main text area next to keywords.
  • Majestic – Anchor Text Report.
  • Mox Open Site Explorer – Anchor text report.

GTM and Google Analytics Debug

If you need a way to debug GTM and GA implementations, this is your tool!

Updates rolled out for this tool back in November, so if you tried it previously and it was buggy or didn’t do what you needed, give it another shot.

Click & Clean

As a professional who utilizes a computer for work, I can imagine that a lot of people have too many tabs open, need to clear their cache, delete cookies, etc.

I also imagine that being a digital marketer in 2019 means that a lot of you have these issues even more frequently than the normal professional. I know I do.

This add-on can delete browsing history, remove download history, clear cookies, empty cache, clean up hard drives and even scan your PC for malware.

Desktop for Instagram

If you thought Instagram was only an app for your phone, you were wrong!

This add-on allows you to access the mobile site as you do on your smartphone. You can upload full HD photos.

Note that there are some drawbacks on any non-app based Instagram solutions including the fact that you cannot access, send or receive direct messages.

Google Dictionary

Before I found this add-on, I was constantly opening new tabs for the dictionary and thesaurus.

You can select a word and Google will provide the definition. You can also use the search bar to research terms, get definitions and access synonyms.

It’s a copy writer’s best friend!

Project Management Extensions

If your team uses project management solutions like Basecamp, Airtable, Monday, Asana, etc., you can likely find an extension that would make using this solution even easier.

Call Provider Extensions

UberConference, BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx

If you use a call provider, there is likely an extension to make use even easier.

Our favorite call provider is UberConference and the add-on allows you to quickly copy call line information and start conferences with just a few clicks.

Extensions Manager

If you have this many extensions, you might want to consider one more add-on to easily enable, disable and uninstall extensions.

What’s your favorite add-on for digital marketing? We’d love to hear in the comments below!