Clix Marketing Looks Ahead to 2016

It’s been a great year for Clix Marketing! As we end 2015 and begin 2016, our team took some time to reflect on what they’ve achieved this year and what they’re looking forward to in 2016.

John Lee – Managing Partner:bio-picB-John-Lee

Career-wise, What achievement in 2015 makes you the most proud?2015 was a significant year of growth for Clix. Our client base grew, our revenue grew and so did our team. This was absolutely a team-win, but it makes me very proud!

Personal Goal for 2016? Read more books. Ride farther on my motorcycle. Take my wife and kids to Disney World. …and that’s just the beginning of the list. ; )

Career Goal for 2016? To be more strategic in everything I do and how that impacts me, my partner, my team and our clients. Looking forward to big things for Clix in 2016!


Michelle Morgan – Director: Accounts, Efficiency, Community:bio-picB-Michelle-Morgan

Career-wise, What achievement in 2015 makes you the most proud? It’s not necessarily a single event, but a series. I’ve set up more new tools, features, channels, campaign types, etc. this year than I have anytime before. Some were new to the industry (Instagram ads), others were new to me (Call Only campaigns, Shopping Campaigns & feeds) but overall 2015 was a very horizon broadening year for me. Exciting stuff.

Personal Goal for 2016? Push my creativity factor up a bit. I believe creativity is a muscle you can either work on and enhance or you can leave it sit next to your newly purchased workout equipment and let it gather dust. I want to find new ways to exercise that muscle.

Career Goal for 2016? Maximize my strategic thinking time. With all the things going on in client accounts, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. I’d like to get better at being deliberate with this time to either come up with larger strategy changes for clients, find ways to improve workflow efficiency, or any number of other topics that don’t always play a role in my day to day job but still have a large impact.


Amy Bishop – Director: Audits, Outbound, Training:  bio-picB-Amy-Bishop

Career-wise, What achievement in 2015 makes you the most proud? I’m most proud (and am insanely grateful) that I’ve been able to become more involved in the industry. I was able to speak at SMX, HeroConf, and State of Search in 2015. I had a blast, met a lot of great people and learned a lot. I’ve also had the opportunity to write for The SEM Post and Search Engine Land. Last but not least, I’ve tried to make it to as many #ppcchats as possible – hopefully I’ll be able to make it to more next year.

Personal Goal for 2016? To be honest, I haven’t thought much about resolutions yet – I can’t believe 2015 is almost over. I would say that two of my personal goals are to: pick up my (running) mileage and to continue to learn to code.

Career Goal for 2016? My work goals are always to become more efficient and to produce better results. Hopefully in pursuit of the of those goals, I’ll be able test some new channels, tools and strategies.


Robert Brady – Senior Manager: Software, SMB, Strategy: bio-picB-Robert-Brady

Career-wise, What achievement in 2015 makes you the most proud? In 2015 I’m most proud of my work/life balance. I welcomed a little girl to the family and was able to spend time with her, support my wife and continue to deliver great results to my clients.

Personal Goal for 2016? Exercise 5-6 times/week (including more outside exercise like skiing or ultimate frisbee). Read more fiction. Try woodworking.

Career Goal for 2016? Learn how to work with AdWords Scripts, speak at 3-4 conferences, and increase my abilities with Shopping campaigns across multiple platforms.


Susan Wenograd – Senior Manager: Accounts & E-Commerce Strategy: bio-picB-Susan-Wenograd

Career-wise, What achievement in 2015 makes you the most proud? I blogged places I never had and managed to jump back into speaking pitches pretty fast after having my daughter!

Personal Goal for 2016? Read more! I miss reading books and I keep getting sucked into mindless TV.

Career Goal for 2016? Blog more. I did a few posts this year at new places to me, and the expansion was really fun. I found new like-minded folks and pushed myself to really pull together some case studies, which I’d been rusty on during pregnancy. (Sleeping and having aching feet was a much bigger priority.)


Andrea Taylor – Campaign Manager: Andrea

Career-wise, What achievement in 2015 makes you the most proud? I started working with a great team & I expanded my PPC knowledge exponentially.

Personal Goal for 2016? This is just the tip of the iceberg, but overall, be more deliberate with my time and to travel at every opportunity.

Career Goal for 2016? Piggy-backing off my personal goal, be more efficient with my time. Also, continue learning more on the social front.


Jill DuPre – Campaign Manager: 1jill

Career-wise, What achievement in 2015 makes you the most proud? I’m proud that I made the jump from independently consulting to being a part of agency; and that after a few experiences, I found a fantastic team that encourages me to grow and learn.

Personal Goal for 2016? Personally I’m proud that I conquered a few fears and went out of my comfort zone; I came out looking at things differently and finding new favorite places to travel.

Career Goal for 2016? Present at a search conference!


Sarah French – Campaign Manager:  20150826_075036-300x224

Career-wise, What achievement in 2015 makes you the most proudStarted working for Clix.

Personal Goal for 2016? Run a half marathon.

Career Goal for 2016? Learn to write scripts for more efficient account management.


We here at Clix Marketing hope you have a great end of 2015 and a wonderful start to 2016! If you need some tips on making your own PPC New Year’s resolutions, check out this post.