Don’t Be a Marketing Loser – Read This Book

Hey, all you young online marketing turks and turkettes: think you know it all? Think PPC/SEO/SEM stuff is so brand new that you have nothing to learn from the past?

Well, the truth is that online marketing/advertising is mainly just plain ol’ direct response advertising – the art and science of using words to persuade a “reader” to take an action. Direct response advertising was invented over a century ago. Even modern-seeming concepts like testing creative, measuring response and refining ad copy are documented in hoary old nuggets like one of the direct marketing bibles, Claude Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising.

But I like you. You’ve got gumption and spunk. So I’ve got a gift for you – a PDF file with the full text of Hopkins’ book, now in the public domain, downloadable here.

Read it. Fill in those gaps. Don’t be a loser.