Don’t Miss the Post-Christmas PPC Action

For many e-commerce websites, the holiday season is dominated by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They spend months coming up with their offers and preparing how they’ll advertise those offers. There is a cult following for these deals and many websites catalog the “leaked” flyers for big sales.

Then there is the last-minute push for Christmas purchases. The US Postal Service is very clear that Retail Ground orders had to be in by December 14th for delivery before Christmas. For First-Class and Priority Mail it’s December 20th and your last shop is Priority Mail Express, which you can send by tomorrow, December 22nd.

But is Christmas the “end”? Can you just shut down those campaigns, kick back with some eggnog and enjoy the fireplace? Well, yes you can, but there is one more opportunity you should consider.

After Christmas PPC

Allow me to drop some knowledge on you; December 26th is the fourth was the fourth busiest shopping day of the season in 2017. The Saturday after Christmas (which will be the 29th this year) is estimated to be the 9th busiest.

That’s a lot of potential activity coming after the big day. And where will people be spending their money? Bing released some cool data that I wanted to share. First off, let’s look at which industries were hot in November of this year. This is according to Microsoft internal data:

Are you in sports & fitness apparel? Then you’re probably having a great 2018.

Look at #3, because it’s really interesting; Doorbells and Door Knockers? Seems super weird at first glance, but I started to think about it. This is likely the category where video doorbells and other smart devices show up. Probably a good sign for companies like Ring and Nest since it’s growing more than jewelry and makeup.

Now let’s look at what was hot post-Christmas last year:

As you can see, this is peak season for computers as well as the toys & games categories. A lot of this is probably associated with gift cards and returns, but as you can see there is a ton of opportunity out there for post-Christmas success.

Steps To Take

  • Ensure your pre-Christmas ad copy gets turned off. Nothing loses a click like dated ad copy.
  • Get ad copy specific to your post-Christmas specials/promotions going (use labels and automated rules so it’s automated)
  • Set up a promotion extension for the time period.
  • Test a few keywords with “after Christmas” appended.

These are just a couple ideas. There are lots more, but don’t miss out on this opportunity while you enjoy that eggnog!