Don’t Miss This New PPC Keyword Research Tool

Yesterday we talked about some updates to the AdWords Keyword Planner tool.

We’re always on the lookout for new, cool tools that can improve our workflow. I came across one at SMX West that was deserving of a shout out. The tool is called Twinword and has some very cool features.

Let me give you a quick walk-through.

Accurate AdWords Traffic Estimates

This was what caught my eye from the initial pitch I heard.

For many small advertisers, the AdWords Keyword Planner gives search volume ranges. First, it’s mean to give second-rate data to an advertiser just because they haven’t spent a lot of money. Second, the ranges can be 100-1000. That is a HUGE difference.

Twinword allows anyone to get the most accurate keyword data, regardless of spend. This alone makes them worthy of the mention, but there’s more.

Great Filtering

Here is a screenshot from a quick search I did on “running shoes” (using the free version of this tool that’s open to everyone).

As you can see I get all the usual info, including the option to download the 759 keywords so I can really work them over in Excel.

I can also do some great filtering right here in the tool. You’ll notice on the right side that I can set filters for search volume, organic competition, paid competition and relevance score. A great way to winnow that 759 down to the cream of the crop. I can also go for just 2-word phrases or set it to longer-tail phrases. Another great option built right into the interface.


If you’ve got eagle eyes, you probably also saw the section above where there are 5 user intent buttons. Here’s a better look:

Here you can see that they’ve grouped the keywords into 5 groups. Hovering over each gives an explanation:

  • Know – Click to show only queries for info (informational) like “Who wrote the Matrix?”
  • Do – Click to show keywords where the user is trying to accomplish a task (transactional) like “Watch the Matrix online”
  • Buy – Click to show keywords where the user is ready to buy something (transactional) like “Buy underwear”
  • Local – Click to show only visit-in-person keywords (local search) like “What time does… close?”
  • Web – Click to show only go-to-web-page keywords (navigational) like “Google Analytics”

So if I was a local shoe store, I could zoom in on the Local grouping and see keywords like “where to get fitted for running shoes” or “where to buy running shoes”. If you’re an e-commerce shop you can zoom in on Buy. Helpful to save you time sorting through things yourself.

Give It A Try

The tool is a freemium model, so you’ll need to pay up if you really want to hammer it. But you can get the Pro version on a month-to-month deal for just $18/month so it’s very affordable. Let us know what you think!

This post was not sponsored in any way by Twinword, we just like to share new tools that we find with our readers.

What are your favorite keyword research tools? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!