Facebook Lead Ads: Good Keeps Getting Better

In case you missed it, Facebook rolled out an ad format to mobile users called Lead Ads in October of last year. They allow advertisers to collect user-submitted information right within the ad unit, without having to click off to a website. Advertisers can use it to collect emails for people who want quotes, to sign up for newsletters, sign up for webinars…anything where a user would submit their email address! Here’s an example:


Do Lead Ads work well?

We have been testing lead ads for a few months now, and have been impressed with the results. The leads can be integrated into certain CRMs, but be forewarned you’ll probably need some sharp developer minds on that part to get it to work right. Otherwise, you also have the option of exporting them to a file by following these instructions.

The largest client we use it on has had markedly lower CPA on their leads vs. regular mobile ads.

Regular Mobile Ads:

835 leads, 1.35% conversion rate, $57 CPA

Lead Ads:

1,082 leads, 5.29% conversion rate, $35 CPA

Needless to say, we have become huge fans of this ad unit. The best part is they just announced enhancements coming down the pike to the offering!

Sign-Up Explanations

Lead Ads will now have two new ways to inform users what it is they’re signing up for. One is called a “context card.” It’s an optional tile that appears after a user clicks on the ad, but prior to them actually put in their information. This text-heavier area will let advertisers better inform the user what it is they’re signing up for, such as what their newsletter contains and how often they’ll get it, or letting the user know when they’ll receive an invite to the webinar they’re signing up for. It’s an extra layer of information and reassurance to the user.

The other new way will be combining the Carousel ad format into the Lead Ad format. This allows advertisers to show multiple images and messages that users can choose to engage with, further educating the lead ad viewer.

Desktop Roll-Out

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. Lead Ads will soon start to be an option outside of only mobile!

We are excited to see the evolution of Lead Ads, thanks to how successful they’ve been for us in their infancy. You can read the full announcement here.

If you’re just getting started with Faebook Ads, make sure to read our guide on how to get going on the right foot!