Generating More Clicks with Bing Ads Lower Bids Opportunity

As of September 10th, Bing Ads is helping advertisers letting advertisers know if they could be generating more clicks with lower bids. This feature is aptly named the “Lower Bid Opportunity”.

The “Lower Bid Opportunity” is designed for advertisers who have keywords in high positions with capped budgets. Many of us have found ourselves in this exact predicament; trying to determine if lowering our average position might allow for more clicks at the same budget – or if lowering bids would lower traffic.

bing lower bid opportunity

Bing uses campaign data to make suggestions on which campaigns could generate the same or more clicks for the same budget by decreasing bids.  Bing also suggests the percentage in which bids should be decreased and estimates the impact on cost and clicks. All of this information can be found on the opportunity tab within the interface. This information won’t necessarily be available for all campaigns with capped budgets – only ones that meet a certain criteria, allowing Bing to be relatively confident that lowering bids would most likely result in additional clicks.

Keep in mind, since the suggestions are campaign-wide, if you implement the suggestion from the opportunity tab, bids across the whole campaign will be decreased by x% (whatever the percentage suggested might be.) You may want to consider implementing the change manually in order to avoid decreasing bids for all-star terms. Or, you may want to decrease all-star terms by a smaller percentage to lessen risk of losing out on too many valuable impressions. The estimated impact on performance is just that, an estimate, and is not meant to be a performance guarantee.

This is a neat feature, considering most of us are used to receiving suggestions to raise budgets and bids, which doesn’t always make sense for the client’s goals and/or budget. To be fair, the ‘Lower Bids’ suggestions won’t always make sense for all clients, either, but it does show a commitment on Bing’s part to help advertisers make the most of their budgets.

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