Get New Suggestions for Display Targeting with the Google Ads Ideas Tab

Even if you have been running successful display campaigns for quite some time, you most likely want to find new audiences to test for display to expand your reach.

We already have the ability to create our own custom intent and custom affinity audiences, but even that well can run dry. If you are running out of new audiences to test, maybe it’s time to let Google’s machine learning help you out.

south park angry mob

Hold on a second. Calm down! Get a hold of yourself!! I didn’t say give Google more control.

I said let Google help you out. Google has a section in the ad platform where advertisers can get help curating new audiences to use for their Display campaigns.

Let me show you why this feature is an asset and not something we should fear trying.

Google Ads Idea Tab

First, go into either a current or new ad group within one of your Display campaigns. Once you are in the new ad group, head over to the audience tab. Click on the blue, edit button and select “Edit audiences.”

google ads edit audiences

You will then see the option to search for the current in-market, affinity, and life events audiences within Google Ads. But we want to head over to the “Ideas” tab we see in the image below.

google ads audiences ideas tab

Here Google Ads will have new in-market, custom intent, and similar audiences for you to try based on:

  • Advertisers like you
  • Your website
  • Your remarketing lists
  • Your search campaigns

audience ideas options

How Does Google Collect Audience Ideas Data?

Here’s a direct quote on Ideas from the Google Support page

“Suggestions use large amounts of aggregated advertising data, which can help you reach the audience best for your ads and potentially discover new audiences. 

Let Google’s machine learning find new audiences to go after based upon the behavior patterns of the users who are already interacting with your website or your ad campaigns. The Ideas tab can give you many new audiences to test expanding your reach and finding new users who may need the products or services your company is selling.

Have you tried to the Ideas tab? We’d love to know what you think of this feature in the comments below!