Google Ads MCC Gets An Updated Look

Some advertisers use multiple Google Ads accounts to segment traffic and handle budgets separately. Agencies with multiple clients regularly jump back and forth between different accounts. This is a major pain if you’ve got to use multiple logins, so having an MCC account is the only way to go. And if you’re a regular user of an MCC account, you may have noticed the recent change made to the navigation. It’s much cleaner and manages screen space a lot more efficiently.

MCC Adds Dropdown Menu

Please forgive the amount of editing these screenshots have. I’ve got to take out client names and ID numbers of course. But here is a look at the new drop-down feature for Google Ads MCC users:

A few things to point out:

Major space saver

Prior to this update the account list was in a left side navigation to the left of the campaign navigation. This reduced horizontal space for actual account performance stats, so the change of location helps you get more of the important stuff on your screen without horizontal scrolling.

Search bar

It may seem small, but when you’ve got a large MCC with lots of accounts, the ability to just search for the one you want is helpful. You can also search by ID to quickly figure out which account Google Ads is talking about in their emails (if you haven’t had the pleasure, emails from Google Ads about individual accounts often just include the ID number and no name. Like they expect people to know that number like they do their phone number.

Linked MCCs have a simple dropdown

If you look close you’ll see the arrows on the right side. If you’ve got MCCs linked inside your MCC (yeah, kind of Inception-style) then they’re easy to find if you didn’t use the search function.

I know I’m not the only one who was happy about the change. Melissa Mackey and Matthew Soakell were also excited by the new feature as evidenced by their tweets:

Hopefully, this is just one of many updates we’ll be seeing in the new Google Ads UI because so far it’s been a little underwhelming.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.