Google Announces Customer Match: Targeting Ads Using Email Lists

AdWords LogoDo you know who your customers are? As search marketers, we are used to generating new customers for the products or services that we are advertising. Well folks, it is time to hunt down your email marketing team, steal their email lists (or ask nicely) and target current customers! Google has announced its new feature, Customer Match.

How does it work?

To use Customer Match, first upload your email list in Adwords as an audience list.  AdWords will then match your email addresses to Google accounts similar to the way Facebook does with their custom audiences. You can then use this audience as a target in your Search, Gmail, and YouTube efforts. Additionally, advertisers will be able to create Similar Audience lists based on the users from your email list. This feature is only available for Gmail Ads and YouTube.

Whether you are generating awareness, driving purchases, rewarding loyalty, or bringing back an old customer, now your ads can be tailored to each of them and where they fit in your funnel.

Customer Match will be available within the next few weeks for advertisers.