#HeroConf Philadelphia: Display Advertising

2016-05-03_0853Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at HeroConf for the 6th time (yes, 6th!!!). The content was good, but engaging with some of the brightest in the digital advertising industry was even better.

My topic this go ’round was display advertising. That’s a pretty broad topic, for sure. Given there was a lack of display sessions, I felt that I had quite a bit of ground to cover. There is a lot happening in the world of display and the ad spend on display continues to grow.

The first topic was programmatic display – more to the point, demystifying programmatic display. There’s a lot of misconceptions of what programmatic is and isn’t and it has led to a negative connotation. Programmatic at its core is simply using DATA and AUTOMATION to make the activity of buying ads more efficient. Not so scary, eh?

Beyond programmatic, there’s also this storm cloud of controversy surrounding ad blockers and what they mean for the future of display (and digital advertising as a whole). Long story short – ad blockers aren’t going to kill display advertising, they’ll only make publishers and advertisers push towards better user experiences and respectful ads. In other words, ad blockers will make display advertising better.

Last but not least, there are some great things happening within the Google Display Network (which, gasp!, uses a lot of programmatic features…) and even Yahoo Gemini that can give advertisers an advantage with their campaigns/clients.

Check the presentation out for yourself and let me know if you have any questions!
[slideshare id=61381144&doc=johnleeheroconfphiladelphiadisplay-160426164946]