How to Customize Creative by Placement Type in Facebook & Instagram Ads

In the past, assuming audiences are sizeable enough, we always recommended clients breakout Facebook and Instagram placements into separate ad sets. Not only does this offer the ability to see how each placement is performing individually, but it also offered the ability to customize creative and copy for each placement.

This was especially important once vertical story ads rolled out, as they are very different than the landscape photos of Facebook ads or square photos of Instagram.

You can now customize text, headlines and links for the different Facebook and Instagram placements within the same ad set!

This is a relatively new feature and Facebook’s Help article still says that it’s being gradually rolled out and may not be available in all accounts.

Here’s how to get started with this feature.

How to Find Asset Customization for Placements

First, make sure your ad set has multiple placements selected. You can find this in the Placements section of your ad set settings. Automatic placements with ALL placements across Facebook, Audience Network, Instagram and Messenger is the default.

I still don’t prefer putting Facebook and Instagram in the same ad set due to tracking so I selected Manual Placements, but Automatic Placements works, too!

Once you have your Placement selections made, create an ad within that ad set.

For the sake of ease, I selected the single image/video ads.

Upload your initial image and write a headline and copy as you’d like. You’ll see something similar to the screenshot below that lists the number of placements using the image you uploaded at the top.

Click “Select a Placement to edit”. The dropdown will allow you to see Placement Groups and Single Placements, along with the minimum sizes of each image.

In this case, I want to upload a different image for Story ads, since that is a vertical image. Select “Stories” under Placement Groups or “Instagram Stories” under Single Placements.

A Media selection window will pop up. It allows you to change the image to another option in your image library, crop an image, add primary text, edit or add a link and change the background color (on Stories).

To change the image, select “Change”.

The Change Media option will pop out, which allows you to review account images, videos, upload new creative or search.

Select your new image. You’ll be able to preview it in the window as it would look in the interface. (This is very important for videos.) Click “save”.

Upon returning to the ad editing options, you should see both placements with their individual images.

Make sure to click Publish in the right hand corner once you have all of your selections squared away!

That’s all you have to do to utilize multiple creative sizes and options for within the same ad set! This will make things much easier on advertisers moving forward!

Have you utilized this feature? We’d love to hear about your experience, tips or tricks for making the most of this feature in Facebook!