How To Treat PPC Burnout


You don’t have to work in a PPC account for very long before the symptoms start to manifest. You dread writing another ad variation. You loathe the bid management spreadsheets/reports/rules that were once such an exciting addition. You get anxiety thinking about keyword expansion. You become nauseous thinking about reviewing search query reports (and how they’ll cause you to lose faith in humanity).

You’re suffering from PPC burnout.

Why Me?

Just like Nancy Kerrigan, you might be wondering “Why me?” Well, you’re the guy/gal who had the analytical chops combined with the creative gift. You were destined to do PPC and by golly, you were good at it. You took the reins and you rode off into the sunset. But now it’s morning. Again. You’ve got to saddle up every day and now you’re growing a little tired of the repetitious nature of PPC. It’s okay. This happens to every PPC manager at some time, to some degree. Here is how you deal with it:

3 Steps to Treat PPC Burnout

  1. Take a Break – This is the first step to take. Get away from the grind. That might be a 15 minute walk outside. It might be a 3-day weekend. It might be a week long vacation. Whatever it means for you, get away from the grind to let your mind rest. Then come back to the task fresh and ready to go.
  2. Cross-pollinate – PPC is just one channel. What are your other channels doing? Maybe you’re company is doing some killer stuff for events. Email might be killing it. What is working for the SEO guys? Just my advice, but your email channel could really help you with copy ideas, your SEO channel could help with keywords, and your events team could help you with landing pages (they’re basically creating real life landing pages with their booths at shows).
  3. Get a 2nd Opinion – Don’t feel like this is a last resort. You can use it anytime, but getting a fresh pair of eyes on an account is a huge help when you’re feeling burned out. They’ll see things you take for granted. Have ideas that are fresh. Trust me, it works.