Let Freedom Ring in Your PPC Perspective

During an internal Clix conference call earlier this year, I heard a coworker reference having a “first world problem.” Maybe you’ve heard that phrase 1,000 times but I hadn’t then and haven’t since. The phrase really struck me because it accurately put her problem in perspective; it acknowledged that she had a legitimate problem, but in the big scheme of global life, it really wasn’t something monumental.

Being able to shift your perspective like this, however, is a monumental gift. Unfortunately, as PPC advertisers, we can experience and share the short-comings in our profession. Here are just a few high-level examples:

  • interface slowness or limitations (every channel)
  • frustrations with pushes toward anything we disagree with (ahem, automation. cough, match types)
  • cumbersome campaign creations for platforms less progressive than others
  • odd keyword or ad statuses (I recently found ads that were “approved limited” due to the word “punch” – what?)

We’ve all been there, facing legitimate frustrations, annoyances and problems in our industry or accounts. They are warranted (well, for the most part). But I’d also like to point out that all of these technical issues and changes are first world problems. They are problems that we, as PPC marketers, get to experience that some folks around the world have no concept of.

So, what can we do about it?  What does it mean for you? Well, two things.

1. Shift Your Perspective

PPC problems are just problems that are unique to our technically advanced profession geared toward consumers or businesses in countries that are technically advanced to be able to act on our ads AND actually have a need for our offer.

But, what an amazing problem to have, right?

With that perspective, many problems are not really problems after all, but instead part of the journey we are on.

Aren’t we fortunate to have such diverse platforms to reach our target audiences? Fortunate to have computers and internet access. For remarketing, lookalike, and similar audiences to target. For all the cool things we get to do in each platform. If you stop and think about it, the technology is pretty amazing.

Also, we get to choose to be thankful for our jobs because we have one. Even the limitations in technology that mean humans will still be around in PPC for a while. And while I’m personally not thrilled with nor have seen great results from automation, I’m working on testing and incorporating it more and more because I do believe it’s part of every PPC marketer’s future. My shift in perspective means I don’t try to buck the system but embrace what is coming with it as much as I can while also working to better the performance of my accounts.

2. Make a Difference

We as PPC marketers can use our position and experiences in the industry to make a difference for the greater good.

For example, here at Clix, it’s our privilege to support several non-profit organizations pro-bono. All organizations like this rely on the generosity of others to accomplish their mission. It’s an honor to use our skills to make a difference in this world by advancing the amazing causes of these organizations. We’re able to make an impact that’s unique, but very much needed, to these organizations and allow them to keep their time, attention, and funds right where they belong: making a difference.


On the heels of the 4th of July, I personally feel the power and influence of freedom in these two factors. I was born and raised in a country that is known for all the freedoms in the Bill of Rights. The freedoms of Speech and Press are the ones that impact our industry the most. As PPC marketers, we are able to create ads and publish them without the government’s approval or restrictions.  These freedoms and entrepreneurship are part of the fabric of America. All of our top PPC channels were founded in the US. I can’t think of a major/global PPC platform that was founded outside of the US (comment below if you know of one). I’m so very thankful for my country, our freedoms and all that comes with it.

Many times PPC work doesn’t go as smoothly or quickly as we’d like it to. That’s ok. In the end, I still love with I do, who I work with and who I get to help with my PPC skills.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you can work towards choosing to shift your perspective to embrace all your personal or professional problems, then spin them around to see how fortunate you are. This will allow you to live in freedom, clarity and gratitude.

Happy Fourth of July fellow Americans! And, from all of us at Clix Marketing, a special thank you to all who have served to keep America free!