LinkedIn Makes it Easier to Manage Lead Gen Forms

Lead form ads have been one of our most successful ad formats across all channels. LinkedIn released their lead gen forms back in 2017. While they’ve been a great addition to our advertising mix, they haven’t always been the most efficient to manage.

Now, LinkedIn has released new features in the interface that will make working with lead gen forms so much easier. They’re simple changes that will make a world of difference.

1. Lead Form Date Range

LinkedIn has added the custom date range drop down to the Lead Gen Forms section of the interface. Instead of downloading all of your leads and then having to sort to find the lead within the time frame you want to look at, you can now set the date range before downloading your leads.

Linkedin Lead Date Range

There are the typical preset date ranges like last 30 days, last month, etc. You can also set your own custom date range for any time period you want.

2. Downloading Leads from Multiple Forms

If you are running a variety of lead ads in LinkedIn, it’s likely that you are using multiple lead gen forms to collect information. Previously, if you wanted to see leads across forms, you’d have to click on each form and download the data one form at time.

Now, you can select multiple forms at once and download the leads.

linkedin lead gen form download

Simply select the forms you want to download and then click the Download leads button. You’ll see a pop up box that will verify the number of forms and the date range for the leads you are downloading.

linkedin lead gen pop up

The leads from each form will be downloaded into their own spreadsheet. So, if you choose to download leads from ten forms you’ll get ten different spreadsheets. I do wish there was an option to download the selected data into one spreadsheet with a column for lead form name, but this is still a time saver as is.

3. Archive Lead Gen Forms

Once you are done with a lead gen form, you can choose to archive it to clean up your dashboard and make management of active lead gen forms more efficient. You can archive a lead gen form by selecting the three dots next to the name and selecting “Archive” from the drop down menu.

linkedin archive lead forms

Archived forms can’t be edited, duplicated, or associated with any ad creatives. However, you can unarchive a form at any time as well as download leads from archived forms.

These are three small updates to the way you can manage lead gen forms in LinkedIn, but they’ll save you a lot of time on the regular routine tasks associated with lead management.

What do you think of these changes? Are there any additional features for lead gen form management you’d like to see in LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments below!