Localogy Recap: Democratization of Video Advertising [Clix Speakers Series]

The team at Clix is well known for their industry-leading expertise, and the drive to help share that knowledge with fellow marketers is simply in our DNA. We’ll be highlighting upcoming speaking engagements or other interactive opportunities where you can catch up with our folks in our Clix Speakers Series – so stay tuned here for more events like this one!

Last month’s Localogy event was such a whirlwind! But first things first, it was awesome to be invited to speak and represent the Clix team. However, I did forget how much stamina travel & conference days require so I was a bit drained afterward! Now that I’ve had some time to recuperate, I wanted to share a few takeaways from my session and the others I attended. There was no shortage of sharp folks to learn from out in LA and I hope we’re able to attend again!

Localogy Takeaways

  • Fellow agency speakers shared thoughts about the future of our industry and how things may continue to change. While most tend to agree that the industry is becoming more complex, that is providing plenty of space for teams to pick a niche and specialize in a service or vertical to continue differentiating against competing brands. 
  • Part of that complexity is also a more diverse advertising landscape, both in where brands can choose to host advertising and how companies are leveraging digital channels to find their target audiences. This also means your customer is up for poaching at a far more frequent basis nowadays. Speakers recommended using all your online means to build staying power as a trusted and reliable brand, for acquisition and retention phases of the customer journey.
  • I had a number of conversations with platforms, agencies & direct brands that have been leveraging PPC to help with hiring and talent acquisition. This isn’t a ‘new’ idea because there are full verticals dedicated to employment. But beyond those, my experience hasn’t seen a ton of budget utilized exclusively for this purpose. Turns out that’s happening at a fairly rapid rate in 2021! Think about where you or your clients may be able to put together a campaign or two to help fill open positions or the employment pipeline.
  • The final note on that discussion was another important one – challenge yourself to spend at least 20% of your time every week talking about ways to market what isn’t already driving revenue for your business (or your clients’). Incremental growth in known channels or categories is certainly critical. However the last two years have seen creativity in digital marketing thrive. New segments may take time, but if they’re well planned, researched, and executed – the long term lift may be greater than the small gains in existing channels, products, services, etc.

Video Advertising Session Takeaways

  • The plethora of video advertising options and channels is beyond vast. Our session’s recommendations included looking first at where your known target audience consumes video content (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc). If you marry that with a clear goal of which segment of your sales pipeline you’re trying to fill with your video campaigns, you can make a fair assessment of the budget necessary to reach and collect the engagements needed to produce a qualified lead or revenue.
  • This brought up a need to reaffirm that no marketing segment should be a silo, and video is no different. Each channel offers a somewhat unique demographic or engagement tendency, and thus a video campaign should be built to address a specific purpose (i.e. retargeting non-converters with a new offer during deeper consideration phases).
  • We also covered what this means for setting goals for video advertising, because it’s important to keep an eye on the bottom line and where you’re seeing lift across the full customer journey. Metrics like click through rate, conversion rate, new user visits, average order value, customer retention, channel subscribers, followers, and other data points can provide leading and lagging indicators of where any new ad type or segment is ultimately providing revenue – video included!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Clix team’s approach to video advertising, or want to hear additional ideas to continue growing your digital channels – give me a shout

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