Marketing Products With A Bad Reputation

live-die-repeatThe other night I was watching Live, Die, Repeat. It’s basically a sci-fi version of Groundhog’s Day where Tom Cruise’s character must stop an alien war with the help of Emily Blunt’s character. It’s a very good movie that did very poorly in the box office. And if the name doesn’t job your memory, it was released in theaters as Edge of Tomorrow.

New Name, New Life

Edge of Tomorrow was marketed poorly during it’s theatrical release and was a disappointment at the box office despite a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. By giving the movie a different name on the DVD release, the studio was hoping to stimulate interest. But could this work in other areas?

Microsoft P7T-00005 Touchscreen Tablet

I have owned a Surface Pro and currently own a Surface Pro 3. I think they’re a great device and am quite familiar with them. So my curiosity was piqued the other day when I came across a deal advertising a Microsoft P7T-00005 tablet. I clicked through and was greeted by this page:
Microsoft P7T-0005

It’s being sold by Newegg through their eBay store, so I knew it wasn’t some kind of scam, but as you can see, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the original Surface Pro. Searching the model number didn’t help as it turned up a bunch of other listings for this same product. However, when I searched the specs I got this Amazon page:
Surface Pro Amazon Listing

A quick comparison of the specs confirmed my suspicions that the P7T-00005 is indeed a first generation Surface Pro. Also note that Newegg is asking $319.99 while Amazon has the same product for $257.99. So renaming the product gives Newegg the opportunity to make an additional $60. Not bad!


People are emotional beings and sometimes a product can become irrationally attached to a certain set of emotions, thoughts or characteristics. In this situation, a new name can reset people’s expectations so that they evaluate the product on it’s merits.

If you were considering renting Live, Die, Repeat and saw a Rotten Tomatoes score of 90% you’d probably feel pretty good about it. If you were looking for a Intel i5 tablet with a 10″ screen and 4 GB of RAM then you’d be happy with the Microsoft P7T-00005. Sometimes all you need to do is reframe the conversation.