Miss the Old AdWords Reports? Learn How to Exploit the MCC Loophole

If you’re like me or thousands of other Google AdWords advertisers, you have lamented the loss of the “old school” AdWords reports. Last year Google began pushing all of the report modules into the physical interface of AdWords in lieu of bundling them all in a central location. While all of the old reports technically still exist, they are more difficult to find and certainly less intuitive to manipulate. So, if you have been struggling to figure out the new reporting system, or just simply want to use the old reports again I’ve got good news for you. There is a loophole that you can exploit to get those reports back!

The process is super simple. Create an AdWords Master Client Center (MCC). Serendipitously, Google recently simplified this process so that anyone can create an MCC without the help of AdWords support. Just visit this website and follow the instructions. Once you have created the MCC, follow the instructions to add your AdWords account to your new MCC.

At this point, when logged into your AdWords MCC, you will magically (OK, so no magic was really involved) have access to the “old school” report center. Click on the “Client Reporting” tab and behold the glory of your reports.