New Metrics Added For Bing Ads Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Ads are a key component for retailer’s advertising strategies. Bing Ads has launched new metrics and notifications to improve insights into Shopping Campaign performance.

Let’s take a look at the new additions and how advertisers can use them to improve the performance of their Shopping Ads.

Absolute Top Impression Share

If you’ve been running Shopping Ads for a while, you’ve probably experienced frustration with limited insights into the positioning of your ads. With the addition of Absolute Top Impression Share, you can now get more information about the prominence of your ads on the search results page.

Absolute Top Impression Share (ATIS) represents the share of your Shopping Ad impressions that are shown in the top position. It is calculated by dividing the number of absolute top impressions by the number of total eligible top impressions. This is a good way to understand how prominent your products are compared to competitors and if there are improvements to be made in ad placement by adjusting your bids.

ATIS is a column that can be added to your reports as part of the Competitive (Share of Voice) metrics.

bing ads absolute top impression share

Product Group Bid Notifications

Due to the unique structure of Shopping campaigns, it can be difficult to figure out when product bids are low and therefore not generating much volume. It was easy to miss products that had too low bids when the overall product group or ad group was generating impressions.

There’s now a notification in Product Group grids for bids that are too low so that you’ll know that the bid needs to be increased. Also, if you try to edit bids and reduce them below 0.05, you’ll now see an error.

Product view of low bid warning

As you’re probably aware, bids for the same products can be very different across platforms. Because of this, when you’re importing Shopping campaigns from Google you can choose to increase bids based on new warnings that will alert you to product bids that are too low and won’t generate volume on Bing.

Product view of Import Campaigns screen

I’ve always found the insights for Shopping Campaigns to be limited when compared to search, so I’m excited to see these changes that will help provide advertisers with more information and make optimizing Shopping ads easier.

What updates would you like to see in Bing Ads Shopping? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!