NEW SERIES: The PPC Pro’s Ultimate Guides to Retargeting

There are a lot of different flavors of retargeting (or remarketing, depending on which word you use). As the channels get more advanced, our options and retargeting abilities continue to change.

These constant changes and updates brought the Clix team to realize how useful it could be to have all-encompassing guides each of the channels and their retargeting capabilities. There are differences between where/how you can use customer lists, limits on the sizes of audiences and other specificities. All of these limitations can be easy to confuse when you’re working across multiple channels for similar goals.

Over the next two weeks, we will offer how-to guides on retargeting and useful tips for making the most of these channels.

Day 1: The PPC Pro’s Ultimate Guide to Google Retargeting

Day 2: The PPC Pro’s Ultimate Guide to Bing Retargeting

Day 3: The PPC Pro’s Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Retargeting

Day 4: The PPC Pro’s Ultimate Guide to Quora Retargeting

Day 5: The PPC Pro’s Ultimate Guide to Facebook Retargeting

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