Q4 PPC Planning: August Series Wrap-Up

We had a great August sharing all of our best Q4 PPC planning tips! Ecommerce businesses aren’t the only ones who need a Q4 plan.

Here are a few of our favorite takeaways from all of the posts:

  • Consider testing video content in Facebook this season. According to Facebook, “1 in 3 mobile shoppers surveyed in the U.S. said that video is the best medium for discovering new products.”
  • For B2B, consider focusing messaging around new year planning. It might be just what a potential customer on the fence needs to push them towards a product demo or a one-year commitment to your product.
  • Mike Ryan gave us insight into how Google’s price competitiveness report can assist eCommerce marketers with data on how other businesses are pricing the same products. (Can B2B advertisers get a similar pricing report!?)
  • For our nonprofit friends, Kristin Palmer had a ton of suggestions on how to handle Giving Tuesday as well as the rest of the giving season! Her post includes a lot of great ideas to try on Facebook that won’t cost too much when auctions are expensive.
  • Since advertising can be so expensive during this time of year, SMBs may need to try some lower-budget, less traditional tests. However, don’t forget to push remarketing & retain existing customers.
  • Start testing automation BEFORE the holiday season!
  • Use this list of Q1 planning suggestions to make sure your B2B accounts are ready to hit the ground running!

Make sure you didn’t miss an article along the way:

Send any ideas or requests for future series you’d like to see here on the blog – we would love to hear them!