Quick Tip: Flexible Reach In Adwords Editor 11

facepalmYou know how every once in awhile you think something doesn’t exist in AdWords, and then you realize it does? And then you feel dumb, because helllooooo how did you not know this?

…But then two other PPC people you know ask you if this thing exists, because they can’t find it either. Suddenly you don’t feel so silly.

This happened to me recently in regards to remarketing audiences in AdWords Editor.

If you’ve run remarketing for a sizable account, you know the pain of having to add audiences to every ad group. Your mind goes numb choosing the ad group, the audience, and then often you have to change this pesky little default option:


You do this over. And over. And over. So then you think….I will make this go faster! I will do it in Adwords Editor!

And here’s where it can get annoying, if you missed what I did. The nomenclature in Editor isn’t like it is in AdWords, so I stumbled around a little bit, to the point where I didn’t think you could change the “Target and bid” option to “Bid only” because I couldn’t find it anywhere. And that’s when two PPCers that I usually go to for advice on this stuff also said they didn’t think it was possible.

But, lo and behold, it is.

In the AdWords interface, you simply have a “Audiences” tab to go to. In Editor, you have to go to “Keywords and Targeting” first to find the “Audience” section.


At that point, you will cry tears of happiness, because you will get a checkbox menu to choose where you want to apply your audiences to. Oh, happy day. So you pick those, choose your audiences, and then…

It all defaults to Target and Bid. And there’s no way to change it from where you are.


I poked. I prodded. I thought surely it had to be there, because it prompts you right in the same area when you’re in the AdWords interface. Did I really have to go in individually to update this after saving so much time on all the other steps?

I clicked into everything I could think of until finally, I found it. I thought about the fact that target and bid is set at the ad group level when you’re in the AdWords interface, even though it prompts you to do it when you’re selecting audiences.

If you go into the Ad Groups section of AdWords Editor, and click on “Flexible Reach” in the bottom pane, you’ll find that’s where this little bugger hides:


I’m sure plenty of PPC folks knew where this was lurking, but I didn’t. And I don’t want to think about the countless minutes I wasted doing this particular part manually within the online interface. Since a few other people had actually asked me about this, I’m guessing I’m not the only one that didn’t realize where this was.

So I figured I would spread the love a little, in case you were like me and had no clue this existed.

If you did, you are a lot sharper than I am, because this was harder for me to figure out than it should have been! So I either just helped you, or just made you feel a lot smarter. Either way, you’re welcome!